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Galvin International

Pryor is an active member of Galvin International.

This Company provides finance, accounting, payroll, and compliance services in over 50 countries across EMEA, APAC, US and Americas.

With this partners we have over 20 international finance experts located around the globe. All our team are highly experienced in international finance management.



Some of our foreign partners Celergo is SAS70 Type II certified. Leader in payroll processing.

McGladrey & Pullen LLP is the external firm that audits the controls in place at Celergo. It is important for the critical functions of the client service delivery model to be covered as part of the audit.

Celergo considers being SAS70 Type II certified a critical requirement to delivering compliant payroll processes.

Pryor Chile strictly follows the proceedings and procedures of Celergo in order to fulfill with global regulation stated according with the Certification of McGladrey & Pullen LLP.

Recognition as Best Partner:


The Citco Group of Companies is a worldwide group of independent financial service providers serving the world’s elite hedge funds, private equity and real estate firms, institutional banks, Global 1000 companies and high net worth individuals.

Citco companies service these sectors around the world by offering hedge fund administration, custody and fund trading, financial products and corporate and trust planning, accounting among other services.