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We are experts in foreign investment in Chile, taxes and international deals

Specialized in accounting, taxes, financial and human resources, we provide services to more than 450 clients.

Bookkeeping and Back Office

Advice in payroll matters and taxes associated

Transfer Pricing

Start Up.


¿What do we do??

Bookkeeping and Back Office

We do not only register transactions, we advise you at the decision making process, saving present and future’s administrative costs. We manage your most sensitive areas.

Advice in payroll matters and taxes associated

Foreign Investment in Chile is regulated by local rules and international agreements to which the country has subscribed and Foreign...


Payroll Management is one of the most sensitive areas inside an organization.


Our Audit Services are aimed to deliver tools which allow our clients to improve process and minimize mistakes. Not only an opinion but the solution!

International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS)

For a country like Chile, the adoption of IFRS is an important step in the process of adhering to international...

Transfer Pricing

Our professionals have years of experience with large organizations and the majority holds professional...

Start Up

A good orientation when starting business activity is essential for the proper functioning of the company.


It allows us to maintain long-term relationships with our clients, we are your business partner.